More and Color Faded Jeans, The Many waste, the more Buy!

Posted by fee_kyu on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trends these days, jeans are not faded would not sell. this is the willingness of customers own jeans. If you really want to know more and more obvious look faded or old, it takes a lot of chemicals too. the color was faded jeans trends and look more modern, but with more and more jeans that are made can increase the environmental damage.
In the manufacture of jeans that look old and faded colors, the more menembah waste generated. Actual manufacture of jeans like this are:

  1. They give a treatment to the jeans with sandpaper 
  2. Jeans are given potassium permanganate to make it look so faded of the colour 
  3. After looking faded, jeans are washed with softener 
  4. After that jeans are ready for market. 

One of the city of Tehuacan in Mexico, has a laundry company with 700 employees 35,000 people. If every day the plant operates, then indirectly, of waste generated will increase cumulatively. As a result of these wastes, many farmers due to crop failure libah has been mixed with agricultural irrigation. For now I do not know what was there factory in Indonesia which makes it, because as I know, most of the jeans a lot of imported fabric. but the jeans do have their own advantages compared to the rest of the jeans. but whether the use of these jeans should look for alternative solutions.

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