Coltan, Handphone, Environment, and War!

Posted by fee_kyu on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you know what is Coltan? Coltan (columbite-tantalite) is one of the ingredients or components of metal. Coltan has several advantages compared to other metals. he even 2-3 times the price of gold, this is because its strength is resistant to heat than iron or other metals. For the price of one kg of coltan to reach 50 euros. So what to do with handphone? Coltan is the relationship is a raw material of metal embedded on the handphone. All handphone contain coltan, but few people know. Use of Coltan in the handphone causing these heavy metals pollute the environment. Therefore the use of coltan itself must be minimized. As for what to do with war? Did you know that 20% is supplied from Congolese coltan? This has led to the war in Congo is always raging, so long as there Coltan transaction, then our military forces will fight each other because the merebutkan share coltan sales. Though there coltan price of 0.05 euros per kg. after entry into the European market to be 50 euros, an increase of 100 times that number. If the use of coltan still happens it will be more and more parties terugikan either from the environment and humanity. Therefore, it is necessary to find a replacement coltan!

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No Blood Minerals said...

As tantalum is an element, there is no easy replacement. Tantalum/coltan has superior characteristics which allow our cell phones to be smaller and higher quality.

The key to the conflict minerals issue is in the use to CLEAN coltan or to create a fair certification scheme to confirm material used is free from supporting conflict.

This is a very interesting subject worth following. Companies such as INTEL, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, Nokia, APPLE, etc. are all caught up in this issue.


fee_kyu said...

Thanks for your sharing and info.

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